Oakfield News Issue 39 18th October 2019

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Reflections from our Acting Head

It is hard to believe we are on the cusp of the half term holidays already. So much has been going on in the classrooms, playgrounds, and sports pitches in and around Oakfield over the last seven weeks. It has, as ever, been a huge privilege to spend time with and talk to all our children, who seem to have settled in, or settled back into, Oakfield life so smoothly. Well done to all parents and staff alike for managing a smooth transition from the summer to ensure children are in the best frame of mind and spirit as possible to learn, discover and grow and take maximum advantage of the opportunities available here at Oakfield.

In just the last week I have greatly enjoyed a Q&A with our Lower Foundation classes who were interviewing me about my role as Acting Head. The question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" was a particularly tough one to answer! At the other end of the spectrum, it has been a great pleasure to assist in preparing our Year 6 pupils for upcoming senior school interviews. Their confidence, good manners and thoughtful answers, especially to the more challenging and open-ended Philosophy for Children-type questions were truly a wonderful thing to behold.

Have a brilliant half term, everyone, with plenty of rest, relaxation and family time.

Moyra Thompson

Message from Wendy Nicholson, EYFS Co-ordinator

Take advantage this half term by spending lots of quality time with your children.

Enjoy every experience and get them talking about what they observe, reflect on what they know and encourage them to make links with what they have been learning. Read stories together and try and stop to discuss ideas, share thoughts, make predictions or make up your own endings! Play dress up and go on epic adventures without having to leave the comfort of your home. Wrap up and take long walks in the park, and enjoy the colours of Autumn and the beauty of nature.

Here is the link to a wonderful resource, that should enrich the quality time you spend with your children. Enjoy!

UK Parliament Week

The week after half term is UK Parliament Week and schools all over the country are taking part in different activities on the theme of ‘Having A Voice’.

Children from all age groups at Oakfield use their ‘voice’ in school (in more ways than one!) through the School Council and by voting for House Captains and Eco Warriors. They are learning that if they have good ideas, they can make suggestions and will be listened to.

Look out in the weeks to come to hear the ideas they come up with and how these can be used to make a difference in school, the local community and further afield.

At the time of writing, I am wondering how many ‘Greta Thunbergs’ we have here at Oakfield.

Sarah Chandler


This week the children in Lower Foundation have been discussing lots of different occupations and what they would like to be when they grow up.

They have learnt about many of the different jobs the staff do at Oakfield. The children met with Mrs Thompson last week finding out what she has breakfast and what she keeps in her desk, among other things. They have also had the opportunity to ask our caretakers lots of questions and this week met with our school head chef Angela.

The children enjoyed interviewing Angela and found out lots to do with her job. We now know Angela has 9 staff, feeds 420 hungry mouths a day and uses 9 large tins of beans for one school dinner. Angela also told us she wears an apron for protection from hot food, as it is quick to remove and keep clean.

Angela cooking up a storm at the Q&A


Global Dress Up Day

This week we have been looking at Traditional Clothes from many countries around the world. The children loved dressing up in various costumes for their special Dress Up day and were able to explain the country they were representing.

Here are some of their lovely comments:

  • "I am from Nigeria. It is a hot country in Africa. My mummy and my daddy have family there." Tambari
  • "I am from Pakistan. My Nana is from Pakistan and she is a doctor. She lives in Pakistan - she lives on her own, because her family moved away." Sophie
  • "I am from Scotland and I am wearing a kilt. Scotland is a cold country, because it is near the North Pole." Amaarah

In Maths, we have been sorting clothes to different seasons and climates around the world. Please could you reinforce this at home and talk to the children about what type of clothes they would wear for various seasons. It was so lovely to Freya’s grandma come in and speak about Ghana and share her knowledge and yummy food with us! Thank you so much.

What great ambassadors for the world they are!

Clothes Making

There were many wonderful clothes made by the children in art on Thursday as part of their learning about Clothes Around the World. Well done to all those budding young designers in UFWN

Year 1

Year 1 have had a fantastic time creating some elaborate stories for their puppet shows. We designed, created and directed a show to wow the crowds. The ideas for our collaborative plays were brilliant!

Puppet party in action


Material World

2MF have been learning how to measure accurately using a decimetre, a short ruler and a long ruler. They have also been testing materials to see if they are waterproof. Linking to their English work on Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit needed a new coat to visit London. The children tested 5 different materials to see which one would be the most suitable.

Meanwhile, Michael asked if he could play his cello for the class and we were treated to a mini concert in the classroom. 2MF were really impressed with his playing and reading of music!



In Year Three, we have been thinking a lot about kindness this term. This week we used two apples in our circle time to visually demonstrate the affects of specifically our words and comments upon others.

With the first apple, each child said an unkind comment and tapped the apple on the ground before passing it along. "You're a mouldy apple" "I bet you have worms inside" "Your stalk looks silly" etc. With the second apple, we each said a kind comment and passed the apple carefully onto the next person. "You are so healthy and full of vitamins" "You look ripe and juicy" "I love your smooth skin" etc. Afterwards, both apples looked similar from the outside however when we cut them open, they looked very different indeed.

We discussed how unkind words can hurt inside, that the 'bruises' are in fact very real and that negative comments can stay with us for a long time. All of the teachers were very impressed with the children's mature reflections and hope that it's given everyone some food for thought! Well done Year Three.

No bad apples here!

Science of Teeth

In Year 3 we have been studying 'Teeth and healthy eating' in our science lessons. We used egg shells to replicate our tooth enamel in an experiment to find out about the affect that different liquids can have on our teeth.

After 7 days, we were all shocked at how we could see clusters of sugar from the orange juice stuck to the egg shell, eroding it's top layer. We observed how both the coke and diet coke stained the egg shell to a dirty dark brown colour. It was interesting that the milk seemed to actually make the egg shell a bit tougher to break, whereas the egg in the vinegar had actually absorbed some of the vinegar and expanded! The vinegar had also completely eroded all of the egg's shell, turning the egg into squishy bouncy ball- not a very useful description for teeth! So it looks like it'll just be water for all of us from now on then!

Cracking work from Year 3!



Year 4 children tackled some investigations in their Maths lessons this week.

Investigation 1: Can you use the numbers all the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and any Maths operations you need to make the numbers from 1 – 20

We tried this as a whole group and this is what they came up with? Could you find solutions for the numbers 21 – 30? Have a go!


Investigation 2: An old chestnut of a problem! Two families of frogs are changing places across a pond. There are only 7 lily pads and they can only jump over one frog at a time. Year 4 tried it out using coloured cubes and white boards. Can you do it?

Don't get frogged down in the detail



This week, children in Year 5 have been furthering their understanding of tessalation (definition: when shapes can fit together without any gaps)

They had 3 questions to investigate:

  • Which shapes tessellate with themselves?
  • Which shapes tesselate with other shapes?
  • Why?
Better tessel-late than never!

House Points

Up to this week, the house points total for children who have handed in the Friday Maths Challenge' are as follows:


Webster and Ruskin, you know what to do next half term!


Football vs Blackheath & Rosemead

On Thursday last week our U10 Boys played against both Blackheath and Rosemead Schools in a variety of matches. Everyone had lots of fun and the games were very close. Well done to all and a big thank you to the parents that came to watch.

Football vs Alleyn's

On Friday afternoon, our U11 Girls Football Teams played against Alleyn's. Our 3 teams played exceedingly well and a big thank you to the parents that came to support the girls!

Girls' Thomas' Football Tournament

On Saturday morning, our U11 A + B Girls Football Teams met at school very early and travelled to Barnes Elms Playing Fields, to take part in the Thomas' Football Tournament. Our teams played against many other schools, and both teams just missed out on playing in the semi-finals.

All of the girls played very well, and progressively got better! We won some matches, drew and sadly lost some matches. A big well done to all who played, and thank you to the parents who came to support and watch the matches.

1 team and their dog!

Football vs Broomwood Hall School

On Tuesday afternoon, some of our Year 4 girls played against Broomwood Hall School in a football match. Our 2 teams played very well for their first Football Match in Year 4! Overall our teams scored 3 goals, and improved throughout the afternoon.


Upcoming Dates for your Diary:

4th November:

UK Parliament Schools Week Begins

Y5 talk on Hinduism with Mr Mugunthan

5th November:

Open Morning

6th November:

LF Autumn Walk

7th November

Guest Head Assembly with Mr Ramsay, Whitgift School

8th November

Y6 Practice Interviews

9th November

U11 Football Festival

Beyond the Oak

Crystal Palace Diving at Half Term

There are some great courses available between Tue 22nd Oct and Fri 25th Oct at Crystal Palace this half term.

There are 1 hour diving lessons for new or fairly new divers at 10 or 11am. Bubble & Harness sessions in the gym and pool for intermediates with a gymnastic background, and Intensive Advanced session for already talented divers.

Click here for all the details.

St Christopher's Christmas Market on 16 November

Whether you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas or simply want to get into that festive feeling, our Christmas Market at Kingsdale Foundation School in Dulwich is just what you need!

As part of our brand new market, we’re opening our doors to a selection of locally produced food and drink stalls. There will also be a ‘makers market’ which will consist of local crafts people.

Our market has something for everyone and it’s not just about shopping. You’ll be able to meet Santa as well as watch entertainment throughout the day provided by local performers including a short pantomime by St Mark’s Players at 2pm.

The market will run from 11am - 4pm and while there you’ll be able to enjoy:

  • A bouncy castle, tombolas and lucky dips
  • Cake and refreshments
  • Fresh bread
  • Bottles of wine and small kegs of beer from local producers
  • Cheeses and cured meats
  • Honey products produced by local bee keepers
  • Make up and perfumes
  • Jewellery
  • Handmade soaps and bath bombs
  • Cashmere and silk scarves and shawls.

They are accepting donated gifts, volunteers and stallholder applications. Entrance to the market is £2 in advance (until midday on Friday 15 November) or £3 on the door for adults. It is free for under 16s.

For more information please contact community fundraiser Jo Mowbray on 01689 892 991 or J.Mowbray@stchristophers.org.uk

Have a wonderful weekend!


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