ISTJ Personality Type By: Cru Tucker

The ISTJ personality type is often described as the worker bee personality type

ISTJ (Introverted Sensing Thinking Judging) - This personality type is set to do the systematic work better than any other personality type. They are incredibly conventional in their approaches, not focusing on simple theory. They demand consistency, and anybody who fails to show it usually loses respect in the eyes of the ISTJ. They do however keep their feelings close to themselves, and have a hard time displaying their feelings to other people around them. Oftentimes this gives them the view in others eyes as being both cold and unforgiving.

The jobs that the ISTJ typically is recommended to have is in the fields of engineering, finance, law, and health.

A study found that among the best stockbrokers are those with the ISTJ personality type. The ideal job for ISTJ is anything that allows them to solve logical problems in an orderly way. This would be in an organized,quiet, and structured environment.
The ENFP personality type is often associated with people who work well with coworkers and acquaintances

The opposite of the ISTJ personality type is the ENFP personality type. ENFP stands for Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving and is characterized by a desire of being well received by all people around them. They often will use their social skills and put out a warm and kind atmosphere to all they encounter. They are however prone to procrastination, typically not enjoying small tedious tasks in the workplace. For this reason they are quite the opposite of the "worker bee" ISTJ personality type. They do however get along with almost all coworkers in the atmosphere and are some of the most enjoyable people in the workforce. This is in somewhat of a contrast with the ISTJ personality, because typically ISTJ doesn't jive well with showing their enjoyment with other people. Both personality types have their purposes though.


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