Penguins Adaptation- All penguins live in the Southern Hemisphere of the Antarctica. They breed on land or ice surfaces along the coast on the island. Even though, penguins are slow on land they are known as the fastest swimmers throughout the world.

penguins have webbed feet which has an advantage and a disadvantage on ice. Advantages are, it helps you to swim faster in the water, but the disadvantage is that it can't walk faster on land. Their flippers also help them fly underwater instead in the air. They have to keep high body temperatures in order to be active. To survive they are equipped with several special adaptations. They have a waterproof coat and they can store a lot of fat which helps them to survive the cold. They can travel in this extreme habitat. When they were walking on ice they use strong claws to get the grip the surface as they shuffle along. They also slide on their sleek bellies while pushing with their feet. There isn't any nesting supplies on the ice so the penguins hover over the egg to keep it warm, and the penguin that is not keeping the egg warm will go and get some food before the egg hatches. In harsh winter weathers all the penguins huddle up together to keep themselves warm in the cold. Penguins haves layer of feathers that isolates from the wind. They develop adaptations either to dissipate to heat or to to save it according to the circumstances. They always stay near water or the ocean.


Pre historic penguins- Waimanu is one of the prehistoric penguins. It is an ancient taxon, they have been extinct in the cretaceaous extinction with the dinosaurs. They can fly as well as any other sea bird and they live in hot climates or temperatures. They stood up to 2 meter. The largest penguin that stood up today was 1.2 meters. The penguins can't fly and they don't live in the hottes temperatures. They are fully adapted to water


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