Abundance Garden Reflections an epiphany

I think one of the biggest blocks I have about money is that desiring it is essentially selfish. The love of money is the root of all evil...and other such proverbs. And so even taking this course and visualizing an abundance garden was a bit of a stretch for me.

However, I had a realization this last week, and it actually came to me at church. We were having an Easter lesson about how we can all be His hands by offering service. That service could be something small and simple or it could be a result of great sacrifice. The teacher brought up a large vase and a huge tray of beautiful flowers. She called a few people up to share an act of service that they either gave recently or were given and told to describe it. The acts varied from someone just giving them a call to a company who extended death benefits to a grieving widow to provide income for a year even though her deceased husband hadn’t worked there long enough to qualify. But with each act, large or small, a beautiful flower was placed in the vase. By the end of the hour the vase was choc full of a variety of lovely flowers, each representing an act of service. Many of the flowers I recognized from my abundance garden I had visualized that morning. But I hadn’t visualized the individual flowers, just a wide sweeping vision of the entire garden.

And then it hit me: If I have a garden so abundant with so many beautiful flowers, I can use those individual flowers to serve those around me! But service so often takes resources of money and time. The way my life has been lately, I don’t have any spare resources as much as I would like to be of service (and I know that I am as often as I can)...but if I am able to gain more “flowers” in my “garden,” I’ll be able to do so much more for those around me. That’s not a selfish desire! In an instant that one block was removed. And as I was able to hone in on each individual “flower” in my garden, rather than seeing them all together at once as I had previously visualized it, I was able to see how even small or imperfect flowers (acts of service) create a beautiful garden (life). I no longer feel selfish to want abundance and money, because with it I can do beautiful things!

Individual flowers represent individual acts of service I can render when my garden is abundant!

Together, many individual flowers create a beautiful garden of service and love

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Vanessa Kay

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