Schroeder Reporter October 23, 2020

Updated School Schedule for Next Week - Please be aware that the TSD school schedule has been updated again for all elementary schools. October 28th, 29th and 30th will be half days of school and ALL students will be in VIRTUAL learning . In-seat students will learn virtually on those days. The school day will begin at 9:20am and end at 12:00pm.

Pumpkin Patch Deadline Extended! - The deadline for photo submissions to the Schroeder Pumpkin Patch has been extended to Monday, October 26th. For details, please see the original flyer at the end of this newsletter.

Fall Parent Teacher Conferences - Fall Parent Teacher Conferences are being held on Wednesday, October 28th and Thursday, October 29th. Sign-ups are open now on the Schroeder website. Remember all conferences are in the VIRTUAL format using your teacher's daily zoom link. Specials teachers have their zoom meeting link shown on their sign-up page. Link: https://schroeder.troy.k12.mi.us/teacher-conference-sign-up-genius

Return to Learn Plan Progress - Kerry Birmingham sent an email on October 16th to all Troy School District families outlining the next steps for returning to in-seat learning in accordance to the TSD Return to Learn Transition Plan. If you have not read Kerry's email yet, the link is below for your convenience. The PowerSchool Parent Portal will be open November 4th through November 11th for elementary families to make/change the decision to have their student(s) attend in-person or learn virtually. Students moving from virtual learning to in-seat learning would join the classroom no soon than November 30th.

Morning Drop Off Times - Please remember that students should not arrive at school before 9:10am. Please make arrangements to arrive in the parking lot no sooner than 9:10am and have your child walk to their classroom entry door between 9:10-9:20am. If you arrive to school before 9:10am, parents and students should remain in their vehicle until 9:10am. Remember that school starts at 9:20am.

Halloween is Here! - Since classes will be virtual for all students on October 30th, we will be enjoying Halloween a little different this year. Students are invited to wear a Halloween costume on Zoom on October 30th. The guidelines for costumes is still the same. As you guide your child in planning a costume, please keep in mind that we would appreciate your cooperation in planning something that is not ghoulish, morbid, or offensive to any culture or particular group of people. Also, no toy guns, knives or weapons are permitted while on Zoom. We encourage parents to continue our costume theme of positive role models. We want to work to provide a positive experience for our students. Thank you for your cooperation!

More Ways to Support Schroeder PTO! - The Schroeder PTO introduced AmazonSmile a couple weeks ago and now they added another way to help offset the cost of running some of Schroeder PTO sponsored enrichment programs. Schroeder PTO has added Kroger Rewards! Please read the flyer below and click on this link: www.krogercommunityrewards.com to participate. Both AmazonSmile and Kroger Rewards will run all school year. Thank you for your support!

Kaiser Picture Day! - As with most everything these days, Kaiser Picture Day will be managed a little differently this year. Picture forms have been distributed to in-seat students and printable versions for virtual students will be available shortly. Details are still being worked through, but we can share the following information:

  • November 16th - Pictures in the morning for in-seat students
  • November 17th - Pictures in the morning for virtual students (SignUp Genius Link coming)
  • Another option: Parents can call Kaiser Studios to schedule an appointment to have their child's photo taken in studio. However, there is a $10 sitting fee. (248) 619-9119

Future Dates to Consider

  • October 28 - Half day of school - ALL classes are VIRTUAL
  • October 28 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 29 - Half day of school - ALL classes are VIRTUAL
  • October 29 - Parent Teacher Conferences
  • October 30 - Half day of school - ALL classes are VIRTUAL
  • November 4 - Elementary in-seat/virtual selection begins
  • November 11 - Elementary in-seat/virtual selection ends
  • November 16 - Kaiser Picture Day for In-Seat students
  • November 17 - Kaiser Picture Day for Virtual students
  • November 17 to November 21 - Virtual Holiday Gift Shop (more information coming)