full tilt By: Noel Shusterman

Review: I believe Full Tilt was a very captivating book. I think the author did an awesome job of telling a story and keeping you interested throughout the whole book. The main character, Blake is a strong and intelligent teenager. He is obviously the most mature character in the book and a good person but, he does have a dark side. But that a different story for later. Blake has a little brother named Quinn, that is a total hothead and he single-handedly created the situation in the passage. The plot of the book is Blake is going to a carnival with some friends but, Quinn sneaks out and follows him to the carnival. Somehow, Quinn gets into the carnival without noticing the admission, which was he's soul (like a said, single handedly). Now Blake must recuse his little brother from the incredibly evil carnival, leaded by a female named Cassandra. Blake invites 2 friends (Maggie & Russ) to help him save his brother. Throughout the rest of the story, Blake has to overcome 7 rides (which are his worse fears) to save his brother. The last and finally ride Blake had to complete was his darkest memory of a bus crash that he only survived. After Blake completed all of the trials, all of the character (not including Cassandra) woke up in a hospital and were told that they all had been in a car accident. This leaves all the characters confused on if it was a dream or reality.


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