Love v.s Hate By Luke.d bRandon.s Egdar.g

  1. Mary Maloney is a house to her husband Patrick. She is 6 months preganant and has blonde dark colored eyes and is a house wife for husband Patrick Maloney. She is a dynamic character. The setting makes the character seem innocent.
  2. Example: "All right, she told herself. So I've killed him".

The main conflict is that she killed her husband. The antagonist is Mary Maloney the protagonist are the police. The conflict development is when Mary kills her husband. The resolution is the police do not figure out that she did not kill the husband.

Right when the husband gets home he starts acting suspiciously. When she asks "shall I get it"? The husband says "No sit down". It says that he was doing something he doesn't do " she heard the ice cubes falling back against the bottom of the empty glass when he lowered his".

The author portrayed a edgy mood with the wife and the husband. The mood was suspicious. After the husbands death the everything gets more sad but there is still a hint of suspicion. In the story he says "this is going to be a bit of a shock to you but, I'm afraid,".

"Patric decided he's tired and doesn't want to out". This is an example of imagery. It shows how she tries to cover up that he is dead. "She might just as well hit him with a steel club. This shows how hard the leg of lamb is. The author purpose is to show how Mrs. Maloney killed her husband.

Mrs. Maloney is pregnant and her husband has decided to leave her. This is dramatic irony. The othe ironic ting is Mrs. Maloney has made the lamb and the serves it to the police searching her house. This is a example of ironic irony. This is to help the author show how messed up this story is.

The saying goes there is nothing as strong as love. But I think that Ronald Danl shows in this story that ther is nothing as strong as hate. In the story Mrs.Malony kills her husband she loves because Mr.Malony wants to leave his wife and did I forget to mention she is pregnant.


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