My trip to London - Weekend @ London

Visiting London during the trip this time was on the cards n me n my colleague were planning out this. We realized low fares being offered by RyanAir if you book online n took them. Took to a friend who offered us good accommodation through AirBnB in London. Now that the planning of going there complete, we started brainstroming, what should be on our to-visit list taking the two days on hand and the early sunset..

Starting the day early from Dublin n reaching London by 0815, it was not long before we reached the Gatwik Railway Station. Got into the Southern line to reach East Craydon (after a much needed coffee from the AMT) and then to transfer to the train to LondonBridge. Train service was smooth n easy... reaching our stay, it was not long before we head onto the street post discussing areas / local attractions.

We then finalized below could be covered within timeframe, budget..

Day OnE

We felt that London was best visited by a mix of walking, tube and cycle.. took a day pass for the tube n had our maps ready for the expedition about to begin..

The below were the attractions we zeroed in for day one:

  • Tower Bridge
  • London Bridge
  • Thames walkway
  • Monument
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Big Ben
  • London Eye (closed for repairs until Jan end)
  • Parliment House
  • St James Park..... n the list goes on!!
Tower Bridge
London Bridge
Waterloo Station
Day One Pics @London

After a tiring day n good amount of traveling by foot and in tube, we settled back to reach Borough station (Underground Tube) to tech our friends place. Relaxed a bit for the evening n spotted a Indian restaurant for dinner. Food was good but well the quantity was actually a 5-star presentation, when asked the restaurant manager told starter is just to start and hence the small quantity.. Really 😱

Underground Tube Station @London
Food at the Indian restaurant near Tower Bridge, taste was good and rate was decent. (Indian Fusion, Tower Bridge Road) yelp n TripAdvisor rating at 4.0

Finally after our dinner walked back home to finally call it a day.

A well thought out linen that greeted us after a tiring day!

Day Two

Day two started with myself and Kaustav starting to St. Paul's and planning to visit the Buckingham Palace in first half of the day...

Change of Guard - Buckingham Palace, was a treat to the eyes..

Completing the change of guard parade, we then moved to St. Paul's and were mesmerized by the garden and the church. It was a silent, lovely place of worship which was well maintained.

St Paul's Cathedral
Realizing that after the first half of the day and walking got our stomach asking for its fuel, we walked into a restaurant to order Tiger Prawns for Kaustav n Margarita Pizza for myself. Food was good with some sparkling water followed by Cappuccino..

Guess, where we were next to? After a nice lunch, we were off to our final stop in the journey!

Madame Tussaud's, London which was a memorable experience

Had a great experience visiting the wax statues of great personalities..

Wax Statues @Madame Tussaud's

Well, our weekend trip was almost coming to an end with the visit to our last stop. We were back to pick our bags n start to the Gatwick Airport. The journey was smooth on the Gatwick Express from London Bridge.

Having reached the airport, we were in for a shock to realize RyanAir asking us to shell out £15 each for a print of our boarding pass, well, we are indians, so we're quick to find an alternate and took prints for around £3 total. Flight was good back to Dublin in time for a quick sleep before starting the Monday to work... that's another story n on the way... Stay Tuned!!

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