Invisible anonymous

I feel so invisible

Sitting or standing here

It’s like no one can see me

Even though you are so near

You all smile and are so friendly

But only to each other

I want someone to smile at me

To share the burden of being a mother

I know my kids aren’t perfect

I try and try so hard

But life gets overwhelming

I must admit I’m battle scarred

You all seem to be so nice

But sometimes behind the smiles

The knives come out behind my back

I am wary of this every while

Someone please come and talk to me

I want to scream out loud

I am nice and kind and thoughtful

I am loyal and listen and not proud

But none of you seem to want

To get to know the real me

You keep to yourselves each day

Never wanting to break free

So I stand here invisible

Feeling lonely and unseen

Wishing it was different

Wishing I could be seen

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Photos by Zac Ong, Kevin Curtis, Jordan Whitt, Mehrpouya H, Val Vesa, Oladimeji Odunsi, Duy Pham and Praveesh Palakeel all on Unsplash.com

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