12 Days of "Tech"mas Mackenzie Elsenpeter

Day 1

Adobe Spark

Adobe spark has been getting used by more and more students and teachers over the past year or so. In fact, it is what you are watching this presentation on right now! Adobe Spark lets you create either a post, page, or video for free. You simply have to pick what you want on it, add pictures, text, or voiceovers if you would like, and tada! And the best part is it's easy to share your creation through social media, or you can email them as well.

Day 2


Canva is a way to create a poster of any shape or size. You can use the variety of text, fonts, and even add pictures too! It is easy to download, share by email, and even post it to social media. The picture behind this text is something made from canva. You can make one too! Simply log into canva, select a size, and template, or evn create one from scratch! It is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Day 3


WeVideo is a free video maker for your phone, computer, or tablet. You just have to video tape, edit it by adding text, graphics, etc. Lots of teachers recommend it to their students, and I would recommend it too! I love using WeVideo to create stunning videos for free and it's quick and easy to use as well! You can make your text any size, you can rearrange different scences within your video too! It is a great piece of technology to use to make a stunning video that will amaze any age!

Day 4


Fireworks is another piece of technology great for creating the "wow" factor that customers really want. Say, you were creating an invitation for a wedding and the customer wanted a very specif , detailed item. Fireworks can do just that! You can use fireworks to create something flawless, that has customers coming back! Add pictures, designs, and textures into text and shapes. Yep, you can add pictures into text and shapes! Firewors is great if you want to create flawless, stunning designs that everyone will love!

Day 5


Voces is an online spanish based textbook. It helps kids and adults alike, help learn more spanish while keeping a steady pace too. It takes it one chapter at a time, all the while learning about countries on top of all the spanish vocabulary. Teachers love using it as a teching tool, and kids say it makes learning spanish much easier!

Day 6

Campus Portal

Campus Portal helps multiple people. Parents can view their child's grades attendance, and lunch account balance. Teachers can upload gradeand submit attendance electronically. Students can view their grade and recieve mail from any teacher. It eliminates all leading competitors like TIES Schoolview with grades, mail, and attaendance, JPay with lunch account balance.

Day 7


Grammarly is a free app that corrects you. Literally and figuratively. You enter a paper tht you wrote into the app and watch as it corrects your paper for you. It finds misspelled words, makes marks where there should be marks, and more. And if you refer someone who joins grammarly, you will get one month free of the premium edition. Try grammaarly today to start correcting your papers the right way!

Day 8


IMovie lets you create stuning movies from the comfort of you own home and create movies directly from your phone. You can videotape on the app, or take something from your camera roll, rearrange scenes, add text, affects and you have a stunning video that will amaze all ages!

Day 9

Sway by Microsoft

Sway is another way to create a presentation like Google Sides, but more off screen like rather than to a large audience. Say you were creating a presentation just for one person. You would want to go with something more like Sway. But, if you were going with a large group presentation, you are not going to want to use Sway.

Day 10

Scope Scholastic

Scope Scholastic gives students and teachers the ablity to access scope magazines online for free. Students can read and have discussion about separate topics in the magazine sections. You can have the magazine read to you, and you get to have free access to secret online editions of items that aren't published in the paper copy of Scope.

Day 11

Jordan Schools Website

Jordan Schools Website allows you to email teachers, find out local games, and check on schools early releases, late starts, and no school days. It helps out both students and teachers alike.

Day 12


Quizlet is a free app that allows you to make your own flashcards that have the word, picture and definition. You can share them and even play the classroom game of Quizlet live where you work in teams to win the game. Both students and teachers absolutely adore Quizlet and recommend it to everyone.

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