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I started this course to learn about Indesign as I have not used this program before. It was my intention to learn about the capacity of this program for photobooks, so that my students could publish online and access their work by tablet or other mobile device. I teach years 9-12 and my students currently use Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator.

The Indesign interface looked similar to Photoshop and Illustrator but that is where the comparison stopped. The program is not at all intuitive and I found myself frustrated as I expected it to work similarly to these programs. The scaling of images took some getting used to and the way the layers and assets are handled and organised meant that I was constantly having to delete, reorder and redo my work. I sometimes feel that the workshops assume knowledge that those who haven't opened the program don't have so I had to do other online tutorials to fill in the gaps. The two assignments were relatively straight forward and once I realised that it was best to do the creative work in Photoshop and Illustrator it went more smoothly. I felt like this was a little too brief and I would like to do a more in depth course on Indesign.

The experience of being a learner with Indesign allowed me to feel what my students experience when I go through something too fast or assume they know what they are doing. I am going to use master templates with them for the photobooks we will create this term. This will give them some flexibility with layout but they won't have to worry as much about the technical issues in setting up pages and will be able to concentrate on page design and text.

My students are creating photo stories / poems around images using the theme of dichotomies as a starting point. The images will be edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. The intention is to then do the layout in Indesign and publish online. I still don't feel that I know enough about this process and will need to attempt one by myself before I teach the class. I will look for some free master photobook templates and see how this works.

This has been worthwhile as a taster but has left me with more questions than answers and I feel that I will need to do more with this program before I take it into the classroom. I will be going on to do more tutorials on the Adobe website.


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