cEYEclops doctor by brooke fenush

the cyclopes is known for eating humans and only having one eye.
one eye the forehead is the cyclopes symbol. this is the symbol because odysseus blinded the cyclops.

the cyclopes does not have a sacred animal, a spouse or a sacred plant

he observed the fire, rocks, and ash pouring from Etna and other volcanic mountains with awe and astonishment this is why the main cyclops polyhementheis is the eye doctor... he's BIG and scary!
poseidon was the father of the cyclopes.
The Cyclops were giant; one eyed monsters… a wild race of lawless creatures who possess neither social manners nor fear of the Gods. Cyclopes means round eye Odysseus found an island with a cave and him and 12 men went to see it the men stole his food, the cyclopes led a flock of sheep into the cave odysseus and the men were stuck in the cave with the one eyed monster polyphemus ate two of the men the men gave the cyclops wine and then made him so then the men escaped


Created with images by Sharon Mollerus - "Cyclopean Fortification" • Carl Mikoy - "New Glasses" • Giuliamar - "eye eyelashes face" • D.C.Atty - "better one or better two?" • Alexas_Fotos - "bear profession doctor" • dno1967b - "Don't make waves"

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