Government structure-the Indian government is a union government that is divided into three main sections named the executive,legislature and the judiciary.

Role of government- managing the economy, protecting the welfare and property of individuals, regulating competition, providing public goods.

Political participation-in India women's political participation is a big deal , the Indian government has instituted for seats in local government.


Trade-two largest goods are gold and mineral fuels.

Products for export- India export electrical machines and equipment and parts and also cotton and iron and steel.

Industry- India has the highest rates of growth in the world than other industries.

Agriculture- the Indian agriculture is steadily, India exported $39 billion worth of agricultural products in 2013.

Standard of living - India restaurants cost about 600.00rs and markets about 163.07rs and transportation is about 259.09 rs.

Employment- Employment is divided into two parties one is contract which means where work is paid and the other one is employee which means work in return.


The physical environment in which people live and interact- there's strong weather and monsoon but most of the year is very dry and sunny, everything got hot and dusty and brown


Family life -a Indian family is considered strong,stable and close. A close family includes a kinsmen.

Gender role- roles are determined by sex,religions,traditions and cultures, the males dominates.

Arts and literature- India has 22 recognized languages and have a huge variety of literature

Religions practices- India has Christianity, Sikhism,Islam,Buddhism and Hinduism

Education- is provided by public sectors and private sectors.

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