Disaster Alert! Tsunami incoming

A category 5 Tsunami is traveling towards the coast of Japan! We will take this time to fill you in on everything you need to know about tsunamis,

This diagram shows how a Tsunami is formed; the movement of the tectonic plates sometimes cause them to smash together, causing an earthquake, when an earthquake occurs underwater: it creates a large wave above the fault line, and those waves will travel, getting larger and larger the closer they get to the coastal line, and by the time they reach it, they will have grown into a full blown tsunami, possibly higher than 1000-M tall!

Tsunamis have four stages for when they form, the first stage is called "initiation", when an earthquake happens underwater and creates a tsunami. The second stage is called "split", when the wave formed by the earthquake splits and part of it travels towards the ocean, and the other part of the wave go towards the closest land. The third stage is "amplification", when the tsunami hits the shore and enlarges. The last stage is called "run-up", when the tsunami goes over the shore in one of two ways, the most common way is when the shore is flooded as if the tsunami was a very large tide, the second way is when the shore is hit with a huge wall of water.

Along with stages of tsunamis there are 4 levels of messaging meant to inform people on the stasis of current tsunamis should it concern them. The lowest level is an information segment, used when a tsunami has occurred but to inform people that it is not in that section of the ocean. A watch is when an earthquake occurred that could potentially result in a tsunami. An advisory is when a there is a tsunami that could create strong waves and currents. Finally, a warning is when a dangerous and widespread tsunami is approaching the coast, and flooding could continue for hours after the initial landing.

It's uncommonly known that the word tsunami originates from japan, "tsu" is derived from the word for "harbor" and "nami" means wave, this means that tsunami translate to harbor wave. Wow! Everything is learning!! And now this;

This video shows the huge destructive potential of a single tsunami, it can rupture through out an entire city; destroying everything in its path. A tsunami floods streets, destroys homes and buildings, and can even be deadly in extreme cases. The power of a tsunami is scary but it is still just one of the many natural disasters.


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