Physical Therapy LVC Celebration of the Class of 2020

Congratulations! You join a distinguished group of LVC physical therapy alumni, graduating from one of the region’s first accelerated Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs. You are also members of the first class to have studied, learned, and conducted research in the Jeanne and Edward H. Arnold Health Professions Pavilion. Go forward and continue our tradition of healthcare excellence!

Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Paige Adams
  • Andrew Berta
  • Danielle Burns
  • Andrew Deardorff
  • Kaytlyn Fiedler
  • Madelyn Fox
  • Trevor Gordon
  • Amanda Gorman
  • Rachel Gorman
  • Kevin Griffith
  • Sarah Grow
  • Jonathan Harned
  • Kelsey Harrison
  • Daryl Holstay Jr
  • Luke Howard
  • Alisha Kelley
  • Abigail Kinneman
  • Robert Kupsho III
  • Lindsay Lane
  • Ian Lloyd
  • McKenna Lupold
  • Jared McCabe
  • Hayley McGlory
  • Kattya Palacios
  • Olivia Poltonavage
  • Kayla Roca
  • Nikki Singley
  • Matthew Smarkanic
  • Gabriel Stasyszyn
  • Dakota Strohl
  • Marie Szilard
  • Zachary Wagner
  • Brianna Wynn
  • Patrick Younes

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