War of the Roses Chassidy St.Clair

The house of Lancaster, is the red rose.

House of Lancaster

The second house is the house of York, which is the white rose.

House of York

Henry VI ruled England two different times. The first time was 1422- 1461, and the second time was 1470-1471.

Henry VI

In 1461 Edward IV took the throne from Henry VI. He ruled England until 1483.

Edward VI

Richard III is not guilty. The story of Richard being a murdered was made up by some of his enemies. He was known for being a loyal brother, he was brave and charming.

Richard III

The Battle of Bosworth Field- Henry Tudor, a nobleman raised an army to defeat Richard III.

Battle of Bosworth Field

Henry Tudor- The first Tudor king, he brought peace to England after defeating Richard III.

Henry Tudor

The house of Tudor- The union between the York and Lancaster houses. A white rose surrounded by a red rose.

House of Tudor


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