Nature Activity at FLMNH

Introduction: This Florida Museum of Natural History was a great activity that I enjoyed very much. Seeing the fossils and history of nature's past was eye opening because it is difficult to really comprehend how far along we as a species have come along and adapted to the world we live.

Nature on Display:

I was able to visit the butterfly garden which I truly loved. Not only was it a peaceful experience because not many people were in there, but because I had an opportunity to be in an environment that is slow and calm, unlike the busy life I live everyday for school and my other commitments. The wild life was beautiful and I felt immersed in a real rain rainforest. I learned that there are more than 1800 types of butterflies in the world, and the exhibit held only a handful of the species. I was glad I chose to visit this exhibit because it gave me some time to relax and reflect on the nature around me.

Nature and Ethics:

I took a picture with this board that was at the entrance of one of the exhibits because it was educational on our water. If Leopold believed in conservation efforts, then this effort to maintain and clean our springs is a righteous effort. We enjoy springs because of their clear water, wildlife, and water they give us, but we have been polluting them and harming their habitats for years. We must remember that we are only guests on this planet and are members of the "biotic community", as Leopold says.

Nature and the Human Spirit:

This museum allows us a moment to understand ancestral past and the past of the world around us. Nature is ever changing and evolving, much like we are. In this picture we see people who inhabited the world before us. They left behind knowledge, art, and history that we today still use and study. Understanding that we will not live forever is a simple concept, but life after death is quite a different story. Taking time to realize that we live in a world that is old and we are only here for such a brief moment is essential in any of our attempts to better this world for the people that are to come after us. The world is evolving constantly, and this is a mysterious concept. Nature adapts and changes for survival, which is a driving force that will always be a characteristic of life. Heschel is right. I was able to step out of my ordinary life and feel connected to our history and the history of the world, and I could only do that because the Florida Museum of Natural History gave me the opportunity to.


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