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The aim of my visuals is to synthesise discussions and content in a meaningful way which offers a platform for reflection and deeper collaboration. Taking concepts out of people's heads and capturing the complexity of their conversations facilitates better listening and creativity in the problems they are trying to learn about and solve.

The work spreads across FinTech, Financial Inclusion, Diversity, Future of Work, Open Banking, Permaculture, Social Entrepreneurship and more.

It is all of that, and also provides a mutually enjoyable experience!

This Portfolio

The portfolio is a brief selection of non-confidential work: scribing for events and large workshops.

Another portfolio showcases my sketchnotes, which are smaller versions of the same process without the real-time audience. Scribing is just one of the many tools which I integrate into my practice of facilitation and building workshops which you can discover more about at joyatlarge.com.

If you have any queries, interests in collaborating, or learning about me and this craft, please find me at joy@joyatlarge.com

Enjoy the portfolio!

The Level One Project

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation delivered a classroom workshop in Jakarta as Day 1 of the FinTechStage Inclusion Forum. This is a mural capturing the system of solutions they offer to countries looking to access a robust framework and toolbox for driving financial inclusion in their region. Zoom-in to cleaned up version of the graphic, and a series of prep sketches to test frames.


Global Showcase for Financial Inclusion

The largest mural yet! Day Two's capture of presentations, panels, and an ecosystem mapping of case studies in real-time at the same event: zoom-in to sections of the mural, and a report written alongside the visuals which synthesis insights from the day.


Regulator-Innovator Dialogue

The real-time ecosystem mapping exercise of participants in the workshop run by Omidyar Network for the third day of the Financial Inclusion event, accompanied by annotations of themes. The purpose was to build a deeper ecosystem amongst regulators and various innovators, from banks to startups, to work together in driving financial inclusion forward. Zoom-in to complete graphic below.


Devon Convergence: Forum for New Local Economies

Totnes, Devon is known as the first Transition town. The community and beyond was gathered by the Torbay Community Development Trust to collaborate and develop initiatives which carry permaculture values: living in a sustainable, and environmentally harmonious way with a focus on grassroots economic development. This mural is the summary of a keynote, and break out sessions during the day. Zoom-in to the finished graphic, the scribing agenda, and a draft frame.


FinTechStage Milan 2017: Day One

The third annual instalment of FinTechStage, an ecosystem builder which runs conferences globally, bringing FinTech participants together to discuss the latest. Day 1 focussed on FinTech trends, whilst Day 2 on Insurtech (insurance technology) as you will see next. I produced a follow-up report (downloadable here, scroll down) capturing insights and summarising visuals aimed for participants and beyond.

Below, a roadmap of the event, the completed mural, and sectional captures.


FinTechStage Milan 2017: Day Two

A focus on InsurTech, see an in-action video and segments of the mural.


Ripples of Core Banking

A series of visuals to accompany a white paper written by Andra, a great mind and friend, calling for a new way of banking. The visuals were presented at Domain-Driven Design Europe 2017 for "The Bank is not a Black Box".


Mandala Group

Using visuals to tell a TEDx story by James Da Costa of Mandala Group: "How Your Old Brick Phone is Changing Millions of Lives Worldwide". James is a social entrepreneur working to develop the world’s first App Store for the 'bottom billion'. See James' TEDx talk with supporting visuals here.

Thank You

Thank you for checking out my portfolio. I would love your feedback - please write to joy@joyatlarge.com.

I will leave you with a couple of gifts: my sketchnote reflecting the three days in Jakarta with FinTechStage, and a video of my scribing prowess in Milan which was originally shot for my family (who still aren't fully sure what I do!).

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