Agricultural Revolutions By Jack ness

The First Agricultural Revolution

The first Agricultural Revolution 11,500 - 5,000 years ago was the Neolithic Revolution. It was the transformation of human societies from hunting and gathering to farming. It effected completely how people eat and what they eat.

The Second Agricultural Revolution

The second agricultural revolution that occurred about a century ago was when farming started to industrialize. There was many new machinery such as tractors and just different things they made it faster and easier to plant, grow, and produce crops. There were many new innovations and improvements to the way they farmed.

The Third Agricultural Revolution

The third agricultural revolution also known as the Green Revolution happened around the 1970's and 1980's. The third agricultural revolution advanced in intensive mechanization, Also heavy reliance on irrigation. Other chemicals were also introduced to the farming industry. GMO's and GE's were also developed in the time.


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