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The artic fox is a mammal that lives in the tundra. They can change colors between white, brown, and gray. They are 12 inches tall and 27 inches long. They weigh between 7 and 12 pounds. The artic fox are related to wolves, jackals, coyotes, and domestic dogs

The artic fox is an omnivore, which means they eat both meat and plants. Their favorite food is lemmings, but it eats rabbits too. They usually hunt by themselves.

In addition to the tundra, the artic fox can be found in the North Pole, Artic Circle, and the Arctic Tundra. They like to curl up into a ball to protect themselves from the harsh weather.

Artic foxes are extremely adaptable. They have thick fur so they don`t get cold in the tundra. They have big tails so they can keep their balance .The artic fox has some predators like polar bears, wolverines, and eagles. The artic fox has fur on it ’s feet, which helps it from not slipping on the ice .They call it feet fur. The artic fox eats lemmings and other animals. They can change colors to blend in with their surroundings.

The artic fox is an important animal in the world.


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