Finland Aidan zimmerman

This is on of Fnlands landmarks called olavinlinna castle there is also lots of other landmarks.

The features that interfere with people are 10% of of Finland is water. There is also a lot of mountains it is also cold there.

The previous video you just saw was how to speak finish.they have there own language.

Finland people have lots of religions there most biggest ones are christian, Islam and judaism.

Finlands food is different then are food the picture that is showed on the screen is finnish cuisine. These are some of there famous dishes. Cabbage rolls,Pea soup,fish and more.

One of the the most played sport in finland in ice hockey.Following that sport is harness racing it is the second most played sport

Finland music can be divided in three different ways called folk,country,mainstream folk those are the three different kinds of music.

Foxtrot, waltz, tango, humppa. The all-purpose foxtrot is the most common dance in Finland. The humppa is a Finnish samba like dance. But while samba is danced to a slow a quick rhythm the humppa goes more like quick quick quick.

The Finnish national dress is commonly referred to as kansallispuvu. Traditional women's clothing includes a skirt, blouse, vest, apron, scarf and headdress, which is usually a headband or hat. Men's clothing consists of a shirt, waistcoat, coat, scarf and headdress, along with long or knee-length pants.

In Finland they call there houses dwelling.They are the same houses here but more modern looking then our houses here.

The guy on the screen is the head of Finlands government and his name is sauli niinisto. He is the guy that keeps finland inline.

This was the first woman president in Finland. Her name is Tarja halonen

One of the most famous wars are the winter war in 1939 to 1940. it only lasted a year.

This would be the finnish cival war it is one of the biggest wars in finland

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