Walk Two Moons Appetizer

Salamanca Tree Hiddle

Sal is brave, adventurous, and a girlfriend. Sal has very long hair and is best friends with Phoebe. Sal also has commitment and empathy. Sal loves to be outside with nature because it reminds her of her mother. Sal also kisses trees because she says that each tree has a special taste. She also likes to kiss trees because her mom kissed a maple tree and Sal says that it taste like blackberry's.


Mr.Birkway is a happy teacher with lots of energy and is always hollering across the classroom to his students"Excellent!" "Wonderful!" and "Marvelous!" Mr.Birkway has a sister named Mrs.Cadaver it's very ironic that her name is Mrs.Cadaver because she is a nurse. Mr. Birkway is a nice teacher because he doesn't yell at his students and especially isn't mean to them.

Ben Finney

Ben Finney is a smart,artistic boy that loves a girl named Sal. Ben goes to school with Sal and Phoebe, his teacher is Mr. Birkway. Sal and Ben both drew a maple leaf in a circle. The weird part about that is that they were both across the room from each other so there's no way they could have seen each others drawings. Ben also knew that Sal liked to be at her ranch and that she liked chickens. So for Sal's 14th birthday Ben got Sal a chicken named Blackberry.


Gramps is a humorous man and he loves Grams, his wife they are always laughing and having fun. Grams his wife died of a stroke and Gramps missed her a lot.


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