Architecter by ruvim bozhko


I have chosen to research a career as a Architect. This career interests me because I like to work with wood and in the same time invent things with my own mind.

Nature fo Work

At work, you will be mainly work on new house/building designs and helping construction keep on rolling smoothly.

Working Condistions

You will be inside when you are drafting new ideas. You will be outside when you will be visiting the construction sites.


You will mostly be dressed nice and casual. When you will be going outside you will have to wear a helmet but still you will have your nice clothing on.

Training & Preparation

In order to become a Architect you will need at least a Bachelors degree, some art skill because you need to be able to draw the ideas that you are thing about, and some mathematics.


Your first years you will be earning around $42,000. In your mid-career you will be earning around $70,000 and later you can earn up to 120,000.

Advancement - You can later advance to be an engineering manager
Job Outlook- The job have and is growing at a 7% ratio every 10 years.
Related Occupations- Some of the relating occupations that you can be are a Construction Manager and a Construction Engineer.
I think that this career is accurate and I will love be be an Architect. The first reason is because I love to invent things. Second the love to work with wood and make things out of wood. The last reason why I would love to do be an Architect is because I could show the world what buildings we can build together and make the world a better place.
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Ruvim Bozhko


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