Sebastiano Serlio By Zach Farnum

Part 1

Sebastiano Serlio

Born: 1475 in Bologna, Italy

Lived in Rome but moved to Venice after the sacking of the city

Assistant to Baldassare Peruzzi who worked within the noble Italian Courts in Rome. He left all of his works to Sebastiano Serlio.

He wrote a six book series and commissioned many architectural builds

Created a multiple book series - D'Architettura

Serlio had no patrons

Part 2

Title: Plan for auditorium and stage from D'Architettura

D'Architettura - 1537 - 75

This piece is located in a book that could be bought in a high end bookstore for a considerable amount of money.

This was a new design for a theater of entertainment but it looks to have elements of the Classical past within it. Also looks like it may have been the base for the Shakespearean Theater.

I find it interesting because I really like architecture and I wonder how these people came up with the ideas they did with the amount of knowledge they had then.

Classicism because the way the theater is set up looks like one that you would find in ancient Greece. Also perspectiveism because when you look at the piece on the left, there is an arrow which shows a central vanishing point.

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