Suffolk County Farm Social Story

We are going to the Farm! The Suffolk County Farm and Education Center. . .

You will have a chance to pet and feed some of our animals and see babies and moms together.

Our goats and sheep have long tongues and no teeth on the top of their mouths, so they are safe to feed by hand. But we also have some fun feeders where you can feed everyone through a really cool tube.

Sometimes our animals can be loud--moo, quack, baa and cock-a-doodle-doo. Especially when they get excited to see you.

You can pet them if you want to. Some of them are hairy, some are wooly and some have feathers. Be sure to ask before you pet! And, please do not run in our animal areas or climb our fences.

During Baby Animal Day, we actually let families go in the pens with some of our babies. This is a really special treat! Sometimes the goat kids play like human kids and jump around.

Goats are so friendly.

We have brand new baby chicks to touch.

Be gentle and touch our chicks with just one finger.

You might see some tractors. Our staff use them to feed our animals and to pull wagons full of visitors. They have engines that sound kind of like a garbage truck.

Take a wagon ride with us!

You can also do a fun craft.

Milk a pretend cow!

Play in our Nature Explore Classroom.

After 11am, you can listen and dance to our live music!

Sometimes our favorite animals can be smelly. Don't forget that everyone poops and farmers need manure to keep their crops growing.

Our cow food can also be smelly but they love it. It smells like pickles!

Hope we see you soon!

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