The Story of Medusa Emma, Madison, and Ishrat

Culture: This story comes from ancient Greek myths


  • Medusa- A beautiful young woman who is the protagonist of the story. She has golden hair and beautiful eyes until she is turned into a beast with snakes for hair and bloodshot eyes. She fits the outcast archetype after she becomes a monster and is exiled from Athens.
  • Athena- the Greek goddess of wisdom, strength, art, and literature. She curses Medusa and turns her into a monster. She wears white which represents her purity and godliness.
The Greek city of Athens is named after the goddess Athena.

Plot: Medusa was a beautiful, young woman who lived in the city of Athens. She was often praised for her beauty and was considered the prettiest girl in the city. One day, she decided to visit the Parthenon, which is a huge temple that was built for the goddess Athena. While Medusa was in the temple, she commented on the statues. She said things like, "I would be a better subject for a statue than Athena." Since Athena looked over her city, Athens, she heard Medusa's rude comments. As punishment, Athena turned her into a grotesque beast with venomous snakes for hair, bloodshot eyes, scaly skin, and the power to turn people to stone just by looking into their eyes. Then, Medusa was exiled out of Athens so she could not turn any innocent citizens into statues.

Moral: Do not be self centered and do not be selfish, because your looks can change.

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