Flipgrid is an amazing app for amplifying student voice in and out of the classroom! Did you know you can use Flipgrid in so many ways? The opportunities to use this platform are only limited by your creativity and imagination. I've taken the liberty of coming up with a list of 10 Flipgrid ideas.

Digital Citizenship: Create a grid and add topics that students can use to discuss digcit themes like privacy & security, cyberbullying, internet safety and digital footprint.

Art Interpretations: Create a grid where students can record their perspectives, interpretations, or ideas about pieces of artwork.

Global Pen Pals: Connect with other classrooms around the world and have students share stories, personal goals, and ideas. This is a great way to build global connections!

Book Recommendations/Reviews: Have students share recordings of book recommendations for others to read. In addition, students can record book reviews.

Capstone Project Review: A great way for students to express their personal learning through a reflection of their capstone project.

Science Experiment Journaling: A different take on students keeping journals or in extensions to them writing in their journals, students can keep a visual journal using Flipgrid.

Peer Shoutout: A great way to build community in the classroom, campus, etc is building a grid that students can use build each other up. Build positivity among heir peers!

Campus Celebrations: Build a campus culture around celebrating all! Create a grid for celebrations such birthdays, graduations, etc. at your campus.

Foreign Language Practice: Using Flipgrid in language learning classrooms is great way to practice fluency. Connect with other classes and have students peer review language usage, conjugation, etc.

Teacher Appreciation Week: Create a grid to celebrate teachers at your campus. Share the grid with students and parents so they can all share their messages via a recording.

These are just a few ideas on how to you can use Flipgrid. Give them a shot the next time your thinking of trying out new ideas. Have fun creating grids for your students!

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Claudio Zavala


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