Mohamed Nageeb By vasilis mathioudakis

Mohamed Nageeb is holding a BA in Journalism & Mass communication, he is a member of the International Federation of Photographers (FIAP) and the Global Photographers Union (GPU), he got an A-Fiap and Crown 2 world class distinctions and he has won more than 60 international awards in international and regional photography competitions such as the Arab Photographers Union, Austria International Competition, Egypt International Competition, Al Thani International Competition. He participated in many large exhibitions for people and travel photographs under FIAP and PSA Patronages in USA, Europe and Middle east .


How did you get started in photography?

I started photography since I was a kid and that became a passion. When I got older I used a film camera for documenting all my quality times with my family and friends. After graduation I started to love subjective general journalism photos that show people’s communication everywere around me, portraits of wrinkled elders and kids' innocence. Since 2012 I took photography seriously, so I had to study photography rules and practice them for one year. After that I started to travel to find special places, inspiring people and see different cultures in many big countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia.


What kind of photography made you find success and achieve awards?

In the beginning of learning photography I tried most of the photography fields with the purpose of enjoying it. Then I found myself in love with capturing people stories , their connections and properties. I felt myself wanting to transfer people’s life in images showing their daily habits and social living. This kind of photography (street& travel photography ) got me many awards from international photography organizations , but recently I have been attracted by humanitarian photography with an intention of adding more value to my photos by directing the society to help the needy people through showing the hard life that many people live in all the world , and this is the biggest award I’ll ever have.


What does Photography mean to you ?

Photography is my joy. It means a lot to me when I take my small camera and walk through people in the streets , going up and down , searching for stories , trying different angles to have as meaningful well composed photos as I can. Also I consider street photography as a real art coming from the street soul , which cannot lie , or have artificial beauty .

By the way I always see Camera as a magical invention. How can the mind believe that a small machine can keep a slice from Time and save it forever. I really feel wondered when I see old photos which have been taken more than 30 years old.. HOW did They Make it !!!


Tell us a street story that affected your photography and the way you see things ?

Almost one year ago I saw a strange man with heavy hair , setting more than 3 days in my Preferred street photography area. I liked his character and I thought that he is a homeless because his clothes were old and he never talked to anyone. I took photos of him in the first two days , and in the third day I talked to him to know his story , and I got astonished when he told me his name.. I found he is a well known painter and he sat studying the area before he drew it… 3 days of studying before he drew one paper of art !!! , That person made me think deeply before taking a street photo .

Are you a professional photographer ?

No it's just a hobby.. I am working as a journalist & PR specialist in Qatar government.

Tell us about how you see things in your country

Well , I am Egyptian and based in Qatar since 10 years ago .. As all photographers know, street photography in each country has unique factors .. so I do street photography in many countries aiming to discover places and people, specially those showing different cultures because they have special Traditions , social customs that can be a great subject for photography. Also photography makes me see everything as composition .. 'cause “ well composed” subjects attract the human eye and are considered to be a Good Photograph.

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