British colonialism ANd niGerIa

The sixty years of Britain's colonial rule in Nigeria are characterized by frequent reclassifying of different regions for administrative purposes. They are symptomatic of the problem of uniting the country as a single state. (
By 1906, Britain controlled Nigeria, which was divided into the Colony (i.e., Lagos) and Protectorate of Southern Nigeria and the Protectorate of Northern Nigeria. In 1914 the two regions were amalgamated and the Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria was established. (
The abolition of slave trade act passed by Parliament in 1807. This act taxed captains of slave ships for each slave they transported. But the slavery abolition act freed all slaves in the British empire. (
"Of planting and planning" Author: Robert Home google books N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Mar. 2017. When the British planned to civilize the colonies they wanted to make everything the exact same. And made everyone who lived there into slaves. (
Firstly, the British colonialization is conducted through religion, politics and economy to the Ibo Clan Nigeria. Colonialization through religion becomes the fundamental method in Britain’s colonial era because the Ibo people are notoriously religious and religion is a central element in society. Therefore a change of religion necessarily involves a change of culture. The colonialization continues through politics, the British set up a court and government in Iboland to strengthen their power. Furthermore the British set up trading system and taxation. Secondly, the impact of British’s colonialization to the Ibo people can be seen from the clash between Ibo people who worship their tradition and they who convert to Christianity and uphold the British government. The British colonialization and clash between Ibo people causes the collapse of the ingenious Ibo. (
In 1849, the crown colony of Vancouver island was created; and in1851, James Douglas was appointed Governor. Douglas, known as the father of British Columbia, established colonial institutions in Victoria." (
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