Midway Journey Log 5

Habits of Mind: Flexibility & Creativity

Rhetoric-the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques. Rhetoric comes in many shapes and sizes. It is not ever the same thing but always something new. It is a way represent one’s self and the idea one is trying to get across. When writing, or in any general way of trying to get one’s point across, one uses rhetoric to deliver the best and most compatible message to the receiver. In this instance I am using rhetoric, to write a clear concise and well written paper on rhetoric with the hope that my message is received clearly and you would give me the XP points for this assignment. But if this was an assignment on why monkeys peel bananas from the opposite side as humans, (which really is a thing is quite interesting) than my rhetoric would be out of touch and the message would not clearly be received resulting in a lack of XP points. But this principle is applied through everyday life. When business men are trying to argue a point for a deal than the rhetoric for that conversation would be more persuasive on each party’s side in an attempt to sway the other to agree to their terms. Like the definition says, Rhetoric is an art and those who possess good rhetoric can make outstanding leaders. Not every person has the ability to adjust and manipulate the rhetoric of the situation in order to get their point across. Each person is raised with different values, beliefs, and ideals and therefore the rhetoric for a conversation with each uniquely different individual will be different.

Rhetoric is also not purely conversational. Rhetoric can be expressed in music, tv, and comic books. Behind every political skit you see in the newspaper there is some rhetoric or idea the offer is trying to get across. In these situations the rhetoric is not meant to be easily understood but meant to give a pause at what the authors rhetoric is trying to imply and take a moment of reflection to view said authors rhetoric from a different perspective. In this sense you can see the more creative side of rhetoric. Rhetoric in its self is an essence of creativity and flexibility because it is constantly changing and adapting itself to the situation. It is not a size twelve shoe that will always be a size twelve shoe but a piece of putty that can molded and shaped into anything you like. It is for this reason that rhetoric is such a valuable real world tool and arguably the most efficient one. I say this with irony because my personal rhetoric has never been very good. To provide a real life example when a situation becomes exciting or changes pace I get intense and although I will be trying to describe my feelings in one way I come off in another. But that is why rhetoric is so important, it is about knowing your audience, concisely representing your message, and then delivering that message with appropriate rhetoric at that time.

Authors of books have always been the kings of rhetoric. They can tell you stories and tales that shape your imagination simply expressing rhetoric with words on a page. It these types of feelings one feels when reading an enticing story and feeling like you are personally in the book watching it all unfold in real time that you know this individual has a solid grasp on the power of rhetorical connotation, and that we should all strive to deliver messages as clear as theirs.


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