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Hello Vipul, hope I find you and Sellerpluss doing well. Here's a detailed analysis of the content marketing proposal.

What we understand about Sellerpluss

Sellerpluss is an end-to-end solutions provider for sellers, artists, wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers or pretty much anyone who wants to sell their products online on multiple marketplaces with ease through one window. Selling on multiple marketplaces is a tremendous opportunity for sellers to present their products to millions of online shoppers, and a chance to sell more.

To achieve similar reach via their retail/wholesale or through flagship ecommerce is nearly impossible in such a short span of time. So, this is a known gospel that sellers find ecommerce marketplaces very attractive. But, things start to get tough from here on in.

If managing sales on one marketplace is a challenge, then managing on many is a nightmare for sellers who are mostly non-tech savvy, or whose opportunity cost is too high to spend resources on maintaining sales on multiple marketplaces in-house.

With each marketplace designing its own terms and conditions in terms of inventory, sales, returns, packaging, and payments, managing a cacophony of rules and regulations from multiple platforms pose a great disadvantage for small and medium sellers in the country.

With private players offering cheap 4G mobile internet at throw-away prices, many Indians from rural and semi-urban locations are bound to get on the ecommerce bandwagon. This means more opportunities for marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and PayTM (freshly funded by Jack Ma).

Though most of the ecommerce marketplaces are investing to smooth and quicken the seller on-boarding process, not much support is provided when sellers try to get their payments on time, to sort out product returns, and numerous other challenges.

More marketplaces a seller is signed up for, the more challenges he faces.

However, small and medium time sellers form the backbone for these marketplaces, but the platforms are designed with complexities to be adhered and managed by the sellers on their own, and not many are easing this pain for sellers. This is the opportunity for Sellerpluss to become a growth-partner for sellers by providing simple, cutting edge technology solutions to manage selling on all marketplaces with ease.

With more marketplaces attempting to weed out poor quality sellers, the good ones are at a precipice of streamlining their product quality, allowing them less resources to deal with marketplace selling challenges.

Great companies need great content

How content can help Sellerpluss bring more sellers on-board and retain the existing ones better than any other possible way

When we look into the challenges sellers face, it is very clear that what they seek is to simplify the process of managing selling on marketplaces. Since most of them are not tech-savvy, they tend to hit the Sellers-block the moment they encounter a challenge.

The sellers are crying out for help in more ways than one, and not many are listening. If we look across the online forums for sellers such as AIOVA, the points of discussions and grievances offer a valuable opportunity for Sellerpluss to address popular concerns in various content formats and languages to drive sellers to its tailor-made product. This makes it easier to reach out to your target audience.

Content in regional language will go a long way to establish connection with sellers. There are various marketplace SaaS solutions providers in India, but how many are actually talking the language of sellers?

The Amazon Tatkal scheme which traveled more than 35,000 kilometers across 50 Indian cities means not all sellers are based out of urban pockets.

Flipkart is going local and they are going big. Source ET
There is more than one way to succeed

How content variety, language of choice, and channels to reach sellers will determine the success of Sellerpluss

  • Content variety: from blog posts, to short explainer videos, to video interviews, to graphic based flip books and ebooks will go a long way to reap sellers trust.
  • Content language: imagine being a seller and being able to consume top quality content in terms of variety and research in your tongue. This is a blessing every seller is praying for and Sellerpluss has a unique opportunity to be among the first ones to take regional language mainstream in terms of content.
  • Content channels: Blog is not a channel, it is a repository. The blog links are used via popular channels such as social media, online forums, email newsletters etc to deliver appropriate content to sellers. Mobile messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Hike offer a much more personalized conduit to reach prospects through content. This is an opportunity worth considering.
  • Offline marketing content: Sellerpluss’ offline marketing materials which reach prospects through various channels can also be more personalized and diverse in terms of language and content variety respectively.


Plans are based on per-month basis

What next?

If the fundamentals of ideas presented above strike a chord with you, I would love to work with Sellerpluss and create the best content and help you grow as well as learn from the same. I shall eagerly wait for your response, and possibly to meet you to see how we can collaborate for the success of Sellerpluss.

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