Girl Scout`s Important Information Emma Ciabattoni

If you want to catch up on all of the Girl Scout information… well then this is the article for you! I am a Girl Scout so that means that you will know about what troops do with Girl Scout cookie money,learn about the new cookie and the Girl Scout’s history!

It is hard to believe but this year there is a NEW cookie... S`mores!On the eastern side of the country, s`mores are a chocolate covered cookie with a bit of marshmallow, in the western part of the county it is a gram cracker at the bottom chocolate and marshmallow with a graham cracker on the top. But there is bad news too. They got rid of the cranberry cookie. The cranberry cookie was not a huge seller last year so they got rid of it!! This year every box or package is four dollars .

Often times Girl Scouts get lots of cookie money but just telling the truth. Girl Scouts do not keep the money from the cookie sales. They bring it to their troop leader after cookie season is over. The troop leader will collect your whole troop's cookie money and at your next upcoming Girl Scout meeting you talk with your troop. You will agree on a very FUN activity like maybe going to a trampoline park, or going out to get ice cream, or maybe you will go on a small trip. I'll let you and your troop decide. You will do the fun activity of your troop’s desires. Maybe a week or two after you do super fun activity you will do any activity to help your environment. I wonder what your troop will decide?

Surprisingly it is year is the 100th year anniversary so that is why it is important that I tell you all of the history! Many, many, people are girl Scouts. Today there are 1.9 million girl scouts in America. There are 800,000 adult members. Maybe you will add to those big numbers so on. This is the 100th year of girl scouts. In your own class, there probably be 1 girl scout at the least your class. Are you a kind, caring, person ? If you think you might need more practice with it many People said back in the olden days that a girl scouts are learning how to be kind coriging and the more girl scouts the better the world gets, and all because of Juliette Gordon Low. She was the first person to hold the first ever meeting. The meeting had 18 girls, they were daisys. The gathering was held in Savanna, Georgia 1912 .

Without a doubt, you know everything that you need to know in girl scouts like you know About the new cookie s`mores, what you do with cookie money and history!

It is exciting to think that you become a girl scout too, and now that you you know all of the history the new cookie and what you do with cookie money. You might even be the smartest in your troop! Maybe I will see you selling cookies soon!

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