Knowledge Engineering An Introduction to Knowledge Engineering


  • Understanding the difference between Data, Information and Knowledge.

Data & Information & Knowledge :

Data :

  • Data comprises facts, observations, or perceptions
  • Data represents raw numbers or assertions

Information :

  • Information is processed data.
  • Information involves manipulation of raw data
  • Meaning attached to data

Knowledge :

  • A justified true belief (Nonaka and Takeuchi)
  • It is the richest, deepest & most valuable from data and information.
  • It facilitates a decision or an action from a knowledge.
  • it is useful to consider knowledge as something that can be expressed as a rule or useful to assist a decision.

Examples :

  • Data : Pen, pencil, wooden Colours
  • Information: The most popular things sold everyday is pen.
  • Knowledge : Therefore, Next time they will ask pen than pencil and wooden Colours three time

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