Luke Bryan By: Brianna schlosser


Thomas Luther Bryan also known as Luke Bryan. He is a country singer/songwriter with twelve albums.


Luke Bryan was born on July 17 1976 in Leesburg Georgia. He moved to Nashville Tennessee after high school to pursue his dream of becoming a country singer. After a few years his first album" I'll stay me" with Capital Records, was released. Bryan married his college sweetheart Caroline Boyer. They have two kids named Thomas "Bo" Boyer Bryan and Tatum "Tate" Christopher Bryan.

  1. I'll stay me (2007)
  2. Doin' my thing (2009)
  3. Spring Break 2 Hangover Edition (2010)
  4. Spring Break 3 It's a Shore Thing (2011)
  5. Spring Break 4 Suntan City (2012)
  6. Spring Break Here to Party (2013)
  7. Crash My Party (2013)
  8. Spring Break Like We Ain't Ever (2014)
  9. Spring Break Checkin' Out (2015)
  10. Tailgates & Tanlines (2011)
  11. Kill the Lights (2015)
  12. Farm Tour Here's to the Farmer (2016)

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