97' Bonnie and Clyde Tori amos

Tori Amos

known for her influence on the 1990s alternative music scene and her piano-driven songs. Little Earthquakes (1992) was the first Tori Amos album that featured her signature style, and the album went gold in both the U.S. and U.K.

Stanza 1

Talks about a dad and his daughter, and how he'll always be there for her no matter what happens. She's all he has in this world and he would never give his daughter up for nothing, and nobody will ever keep them from each other because he loves her that much.

Stanza 2

He told his daughter to grab some toys for the beach, and put her in the front seat. She starts asking where's mama, and what stinks? He just tells her that she's asleep in the trunk and he must have run over a skunk.

Stanza 3

He knows his daughter is wondering why their going swimming so late. But proceeds to say that she's one of those crazy women that'll do anything. Then his daughter starts playing with his pocket knife that he killed her mom with.

Stanza 4

He tells his little girl that her mom wanted her to see how far she could float, and to not mind that cut on her throat cause it's just a scratch and it doesn't hurt. She starts asking what on her shirt and tells her that while she was sleeping her mom was eating and spilled ketchup (aka Blood) on her shirt. He says they can wash her off in the water and then they can play just the two of them.

Stanza 5

He tells his daughter about heaven, hell, prison and jail and how he'll be going to all. Because he murdered the mother. He begins to tell his daughter about this new family her mother has and how she doesn't want a brother. But when she gets a little older he'll explain it all.

Stanza 6

He tells her how bad mama was to him and that she was mean. He feels bad though for giving her a time out (killing her). The little girl begins to get fussy and he tells her to quit climbing out of the seat, and how when they get home she can have a bottle and go to sleep, and he'll wake her up when they get to the water. Just him and his daughter.

Stanza 7

He wakes her up and says they need to take mama for a walk. He says not to get the wrong idea and that she's too sleepy to hear her scream in her ear, and to not cry. He then says how mama has a nice bed waiting for her at the bottom of the lake.

Stanza 8

He asks his daughter to help his tie a knot around the rock. They'll tie it to her foot and then roll her off the dock. One.. Two.. Three mama's splashing in the water.

Stanza 9

Ending this song he looks at his little girl telling her there will be no more fighting with daddy, no more brother nor step dad. Now they can just go play in the sand and build sandcastles. But they have to get two more things out of the trunk. Just the two of them.


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