thunderstorms by: elise christensen

a thunderstorm is where there is thunder and lightning in the sky. thunderstorms can happen after a hurricane or in the summer or spring. they can happen during many other storms like Tornado's. there was one major thunderstorm that happen to save lives. this will be 260 years this June it was when Benjamin Franklin used a metal key tied to a kite. during 2000 four hundred people have died by lightning strikes. to make sure the lighting hits something there are lightning rods on tall buildings. the rod keeps us safe because it puts the electricity safely into the ground. another big event was in 2014 in salt lake city it flooded ditches and up Provo canyon the river flooded over the road many rock slides happened there was 15 that was accounted for one of the rock slides left campers trapped tell morning there was about 12 family's that was stuck there tell morning. the Provo malls was flooded in front and inside it reach above cars. this is one of the many storms that happens in Utah.

you will know a thunderstorm is coming when there's static on your radio or when sunlight vanisious and thunder heads role in witch is a warning to get out before the storm hits or if your watching the news it will tell you. its better to know if one hits because of what can follow it like a hurricane in Galvistion Texas it was a nice day when radios went to static later on clouds rolled in then the warning sirens went off to get inside and the next couple of hours a Hurricanes hit. the same thing goes with Tornado's. not all thunderstorms some is just a storm of thunder and lightning with nothing that happens after it. thunderstorms are comen during spring and summer sometimes during the fall.


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