Dolorosa De La Cruz

Art, magic and sexual forces are combined in a unique efficacy.

Sorcery and investigation in a liquid intuition of an Aquarius in a labyrinth of nerves and synapses within the body, invoking

the omnipresent energies of Sol and Luna ..becoming the Hermaphroditic Devil.

''i'll take hold of myself with two hands

So that i'll not drain myself in the silence of the cave

So that i'll not be a slave to my violent love

And my soul will calm itself

Naked in my pleasing body''

'Pericoloso Sporgersi' - Joyce Mansour

Works have been published in several Esoteric and Literary publications Anathema Publishing,

Qliphoth Esoteric Publication,Fulgur, Aeon Sophia Press, Silk Milk, Abraxas Journal,

and The Swan River Press.

Works have been exhibited in Ireland, USA, UK and Poland.

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