Reflecitive Journal 3 Thomas Cheshire

On Monday me and Shawn had discussed about what we had done, what we needed to do better and what we have to do for this week. We also discussed about who we talked with; and how to solve our problems.

On Tuesday and Wednesday I didn't do any work on the work since i haven't got any lessons game design lessons that day so i took a bit of a break from the work for a few days until Thursday.

On Thursday Shawn did some research on what the boss would look like while i started to research and collect images on what the male and female characters will look like. Me and Shawn generated ideas while recording our conversation, we mainly talked about the game mechanics and the UI.

On Friday we have received our feedback, although it was very wordy and straight forward we understand what we need to do to improve in the future. We was told what we did wrong which allows us to improve our work in the future and we also was told what we did right so we are also at ease with our work a bit now. Now I'm researching a program/book called The Shannara Chronicles since it has a few similarities to the game me and Shawn are making now, like the fact that it contains magic, a hero who contains magical abilities from an ancient bloodline and the fact that in The Shannara Chronicles has a powerful enemy which also has in common in my game. Now that I've done some research now, me and Shawn need to think of a backstory for our game which will slowly be revealed at the start of every level in our game to build up suspense.

What i think went well was the research since i added information that made sense and i didn't add too much information so the reader wouldn't get bored but what I don't think went well is the backstories, since even though there is a lot of detail in it it still has a few gaps in the story.

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