Save The World (Deforestation & Animals) FRom marlon Utrera and margret Leander

The rainforrest is an amazing place and seems endless. But don't be fooled, because a reaserch has been done and it has been said that every year up to 3.5 billion to 7 billion trees are cut. That 7 billion is almost more than the worlds population combined and all those trees are being cut down every year. If that was are population every single living person would be gone. Also in the year 2017 there is only 3.4 trillion trees left around the world. But in the year 2000 there were 9.6 trillion trees. That massive drop is because of climate change, globle warming, building space for housing, wildfires and habitat loss.

These massive trees are California Redwood trees and can live up to 2,000 years old and that is how long it takes for a plastic bottle to decompose.

Now when you journey along a forrest, beach, jungle, dessert or mabye even icelands. What do you see ? Animals thats what you see! But what you dont know is that some animals are becoming endangerd. For example the Giant Panda or the Giraffe and even the Africn Elephant. Also scientist have estimate that all animals while become extinct or endanger. The reason for this is, while we are doing amazing things like spliting atoms, going to the moon or curing disease. We don't even reailize what we are doing to the enviorment. Now scientist predict that in twenty years do to climate change ect, every single animal will die

This Lesser Panda lives in china and is endagered because of deforestation, killing and other problems. Scientist have estimated that there is only 10,000 red pandas in the world!

This Polar Bear is now sadly stuck on this chunck of ice that has melted away because of climate change and global warming.

The way we are going to save the day is only with your help. So Everyday you walk down a place or even see a pice of trash just pick it up. Just by doing that you will be a step closer to saving animals. But if you want to do big change than you can sign up to websites where they protect forests and animals or do community clean up's, but know matter if you are big or small you can all ways contribute to your communities.


Created with images by Phil Fiddyment - "Animals" • Scrubhiker (USCdyer) - "Humboldt Redwood Forest Single_tonemapped" • Pexels - "adorable animal animal photography" • cocoparisienne - "polar bear iceberg ice floe"

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