Transgender Rights All genders are people

“Denoting or relating to a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex.” ( This is the definition given of a transgender individual. We can see that this definition includes the word person. However people that are transgender have not been treated like people but as disgraces and animals in some cases. It is obvious given current events that Transgenders are missing some basic civil rights and have been discriminated against. Many Transgender people “suffer persistent inequalities in aspects of life...” (Lambda Legal). This means that these people are unable to enjoy a basic everyday life without many issues arising such as workplace discrimination alike the discrimination African Americans suffered through in the 1950-1960’s. Overall, this is a huge issue are nation is facing because roughly, “700,000 or about 0.3 adults are transgender.” (Washington Post) This number is about the population of Austin, Texas. However, this data however is not complete because it is difficult to conduct surveys and find people who are transgender. Overall, it is easy to conclude that alike African Americans in the 1950’s -1960’s, Transgenders are facing civil rights issues.

"It isn't about "becoming" another person -I already am who I am- I just want my body to reflect that. It's not like I'm suddenly changing from the person you've always know- this is more of a about your willingness to see who I've always been." -Cooper Lee Bombardier

Similar to African Americans after the civil war transgenders today are facing the same problem of workplace discrimination. Based on evidence of unlawful discharging of transgender employees and a painful amount of harassment that's both physical and verbal it is easy to conclude that “transgender people experience rampant workplace discrimination.” (Lambda Legal). According to a survey given to all transgender workers found in the employment database across America it was found that, “At least 1 in 5 transgender people surveyed report experiencing employment discrimination.” (Krammins). Clearly, given these statistics it is easy to conclude that because such a large percentile of transgenders face workplace discrimination that for these reasons they are losing their basic civil rights. Also in many profiles and stories found on a human rights campaign website one story about a hardworker name Lynn states, “Lynn Conway underwent sex-reassignment surgery... and was fired by IBM for being transexual.” (Krammins) Obviously, for these reasons it is quite easy to come to the conclusion that many transgenders scattered throughout America are facing the same issues and problems of over the people treating let differently because of a medical procedure and discriminating against them. Therefore, it is undeniably easy to see that transgenders are being discriminated in the workplace and lacking basic human rights.

This photo is one of the many things transgender individuals have to face on a daily basis.
"We are all human." -President Obama

"21 murders of transgenders have taken place on American soil since 2016. 85% of these murders are by family members or significant others." (

Even though are many forms of protests that have taken place in favor of Transgenders protesting for civil rights they do not compare to the organization and planning the took place in 1955-56. This was the time when Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) lead a march in Alabama and organized the Montgomery Bus Boycott. On a website dedicated to the facts of black history it states, “The 1955-56 Montgomery Bus Boycott, a protest against segregated public facilities in Alabama, was led by Martin Luther King Jr. and lasted for 381 days.” ( Clearly, because of the dedication and the planned out protests it's easy to see how even though the protest so far of transgender rights or the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer (LGBTQ) community in general so far have been effective so far, they do not compare in a sense of planning and organization. However, they do have some powerful protests that are planned to occur in the near future. “Protesters will hold at least two anti-Donald Trump demonstrations on Saturday in Chicago... Hundreds are expected in the Boystown neighborhood for a transgender rights demonstration. Advocates are angry about the Trump administration’s decision to change federal protections for trans students regarding bathroom use.” (Krammins). Clearly, even though the LGBTQs across our nation they haven't gone so far and reached the magnitude of a 381 day protest quite yet. Therefore, even though there are many alike things about these two minority groups one major difference is their systems of protesting for their civil rights.

It costs $15,500.00 to have a Gender Reassignment Surgery (

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"Every single American- Gay, Straight, Lesbian, Bisexual,Transgender- Every single American deserves to be treated equally in the eyes of the law and the eyes or our society. "-President Obama

Overall, it is easy to see the pain and suffering that has occurred so far, however, there are many things you can do to get involved to help transgenders. Even though are there are various methods to helping this cause one of the easiest and most effective way to help out is support. The majority of the transgenders “...don't feel welcome or safe in their own home.” (Lambda Legal). Additionally, as stated above many are facing workplace discrimination. Statistics show that, “26% of lost their jobs for being transgender, and 97% are mistreated at work.” (Krammins). Clearly, because these margins are so huge and so many people of this minority are being mistreated something needs to change. It is easy to conclude that transgenders are missing basic civil rights, however, you can make the change that is need. You are able to help these people and give much needed support. Because through and through, we are all human.

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