You Might Never Want To Play Again By quinn jumper

The use of video games can affect children and how they do in school. This is a problem because when children can’t focus and get good grades then they won’t get good jobs or get into a good college because of not being able to focus, and this will make it harder for them to focus during school because of thinking about the games in class.

Children playing video games and not paying attention to anything else.

“97 percent of teens play video games. There's a slight gender divide: 99 percent of boys compared to 94 percent of girls. 50 percent of the teens in the report said they played a game "yesterday." 86 percent play video games on consoles, such as Xbox and PlayStation, making it the most popular way to play.” When i took my data i found that only 7 people didn’t use video games. That was only 11.9%. 49 people used either a phone, ipad, or computer. That was 83.1% of my whole data! Most people used also a Play Station, Xbox, pc, or wii.

“Such results are consistent with surveys on adolescents who play video games in the United States. In one representative sample of American adolescents, aged 10 to 19, kids who played video games spent 30% less time reading and 34% less time doing homework”. 38.3 percent of people said that they weren’t able to focus while doing homework or school work because of them thinking or wanting to play the video games. In my data Jonathon said that he felt like he couldn’t focus on school work because of video games. This is bad for him because it will make the work take longer and it might end up lowering his grade because of not focusing or playing the games.

“Typical online games can be played fairly independently, without seeking closer contact with other gamers. However, social interaction is a strong motive not only for playing multiplayer games, but also for forming lasting social relationships with other gamers, Siitonen says.” This quote shows that you can build online friendships with people that normally wouldn’t play with other people but you make an online friendship with them.

Video games have already affected many people and their lives and potentially their future. Video game usage was blamed as a cause of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooters rampage. Many other bad things have happened because of video game overuse. There have been mass shooting that have been linked to violent video games. Video games might be able to help with some things but they hurt people more than they help people.

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