Christmas Decoration Sessions

Christmas was kick started across the school in December with decoration making sessions in each year group. Parents and carers were invited in to work with their children to help make Christmas decorations for the classroom. Thank you to everyone who attended and we hope that you enjoyed the opportunity to come in and work with your children.

Christmas Performances

The children and the staff worked incredibly hard this year to prepare for their Christmas shows. The children sung their songs beautifully and learnt their lines brilliantly in order to give some fantastic performances. It is not easy standing up in front of so many people but the children did themselves, and us, proud. Once again, we would like to say thank you to everyone who came in to watch. The children really appreciate having you there and it was a great way of getting into the Christmas spirit.

Doctor Visit

In December a doctor came to visit Year 1 and 2. He discussed with the children different ways to stay healthy and how to protect ourselves from germs.

The children listened well and had some great ideas! The children then completed the NHS competition about a nasty bug called ‘Porl-E’ to help prevent ourselves from getting sick over Christmas.

Christingle Services

The children of Porters Grange had a fantastic time at the All Saints Church Christingle services. It was absolutely brilliant to see so many of the parents come along for the services too. The services were conducted by Father and Reverent Phyllis who said that the behaviour from every child was outstanding and a true testament to Porters Grange. The children thoroughly enjoyed their time at the church learning about the meaning of Christmas, singing hymns and immersing themselves in this special event.

Imran playing ‘O come all ye faithful’ on the piano at the Cristingle Church service.
Mrs Baines playing the violin at the Cristingle Church service.

Children in Need

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Children in Need collection. It is great that we were able to contribute to a worthwhile cause. We were able to collect £273.

We would like to thank parents and carers for your continued support with charity events.

Firework Safety Assembly

Just before firework night we were visited by Stuart from Essex Fire & Rescue to tell our children some important messages about keeping safe. He explained that the Firework Code tells us to keep well back from fireworks, to wear gloves with sparklers and to put them into water or sand when they are finished. Fireworks and sparklers can be great fun but only if they are used sensibly and safely. Thank you, Stuart, for your visit and for helping to keep our children safe.

Year 4 Enjoy Cinderella at the Palace Theatre

On Thursday 7th November 2019, Year 4 had the utterly magical experience of seeing ‘Cinderella’ at the Palace Theatre.

We were mesmerised by the music, costumes and especially the magic! We all booed at the evil step sisters and the step mother because they were quite horrible to Cinderella! We all laughed at Lionel, the Prince’s friend, because he was doing lots of funny things like jumping as if he was a monkey. After the show we had the amazing experience of having a ‘meet and greet’ plus a photo with Cinderella and Prince Charming. We travelled to and from the theatre by train and we walked a lot! We were worn out but it was so worth it!

12 Days of Christmas

On 10th December 30 members of the choir travelled to the Cliffs Pavilion by train to perform Christmas carols and songs in the lounge area.

We were supported by many of our parents and the singing was enthusiastic and well received.

Care Home Carols

The 16th December was our yearly visit to the Maranatha Care home in York Road. The residents love joining in with the carols and chatting to the children.

Year 3 Visit the Roundhouse

The Year 3 children really enjoyed their trip to Hadleigh Roundhouse; the day was full off exciting learning. When we arrived we were greeted by our leaders, Denise and Claire. Each class split into two groups. One group went inside the roundhouse and learnt all about the fascinating lives of Iron Age people - looking at food, fashion, weapons and lifestyle. The house was very different to our homes because there were no separate rooms; in the centre was an enormous fire pit and the children noticed that the house did not have any windows. It was also much colder inside compared to our homes. The second group went to a dig site where the children became archaeologists. They had to carefully excavate the artefacts and then determine what the finds were. We were very surprised to find a human skull with a huge hole on the side. The children also created clay pots using traditional methods and designs.

After lunch everyone went into the roundhouse where we learnt more about wars and battles. Miss Taylor dressed up in chainmail and was decorated like a tribal leader ready to fight. The children then participated in warrior school. They had to learn how to handle a sword and protect vital organs using a shield. Another skill which was taught was how to strike an enemy using a sling shot from the Stone Age. This trip was thoroughly enjoyed by both adults and children.

Yr 5&6 Attend SPSSA Tag Rugby Tournament

Years 5 and 6 attended the SPSSA tag rugby tournament at Southend Rugby Club. We played three games in total, had lots of fun and grew in confidence throughout the day! We played for each other and helped one another to achieve our goals. We scored some magical tries by working together and supporting each other. We didn’t end the day victorious but we had an amazing time playing a sport which is all about respect and team work.

Hate Crime Assembly

On Monday 14th October, two visitors took our assembly to talk about hate crime. James from the Police spoke to the children about what a hate crime is. He explained that a hate crime is a crime that has been motivated by prejudice or hostility based on one of the following: disability, race, religion, transgender identity or sexual orientation. He discussed how anyone can be a victim of a hate crime and that it is essential that you tell someone if you think you have been a victim. John from Southend Council told the children that our local council were holding a competition for children to design a poster about hate crime and to explain what everyone can do if they believe they are a victim.

Dates for the diary

  • Friday 20th December - Friday 3rd January - Christmas holidays
  • Monday 6th January - Children return to school
  • Friday 14th February - INSET Day
  • Monday 16th - Friday 21st February - Half Term

Have a wonderful Christmas break from all of us at Porters Grange