Midterm By: Deven Castoria

This work shows the subject's favorite things, where he's from, and one of his best poses. I think that the way the city is within him is significant because it tells the viewer more about his personality. Overall I think this piece is displayed very well, and the lines are accurate with the design and the subject's body.
In this work I took the original spaceballs movie picture, took out the real actors faces and put in austin's face for Barf, Carson's face for Dark Helmet, and Mr. Pierce's face for President Skroob, then made the whole thing 3-D. The first thing I notice is the title (which I feel like every movie-goer should notice first). I feel that taking the original picture and adding to it makes it look more real than it would if I just used the pictures I took and put the title in myself.
This was a remix of a work by Willy Verginer. I had Austin sit on a bench and lean over the box looking into the distance and put different colors and textures over each half to show emotion. Top half is blue with crinkled texture to show how you can feel unsure in your head. The bottom half is smooth aluminum texture just because not really for any reason.
This is a remix by Hailey Eccher. I think the way she uses the lines to almost bring your attention to her and then to keep going. Just following them. The original picture in itself was taken and displayed very well also. The way her arm bends with the lines behind her create the same shape the shadows do on either side.
This work is by Mackenzie Martin, I'm pretty sure it's the piece she used for the movie sequels project. The title is the first thing I notice I also notice the expression on the subject's face, happy. I like how the daisies are placed pretty much symmetrical to each other on either side. I'm not exactly sure what the little wire things all around her are but they go nicely with the grass as the background. Overall it's done nicely and the 3-D works well.

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