Japanese Customs By ZAIN MAHMOOD

My first custom is feudalism. Feudalism is a social structure that determines your political rank. In Japanese feudalism the higher ranks provide protection for the rank underneath and the lower ranks provide goods for every rank above them. Feudalism helped keep structure in society by having everyone gain something. Which helps them accept their rank. If feudalism wasn't apart of Japanese society then the lower ranks would rebel.

Medieval Japanese Feudal Pyramid

My second custom is samurai code. Samurai code is the obedience and faith a samurai has for their master. If a samurai loses a battle in honor for his master he must be killed by his opponent. The samurai code helps society by being protected with the lives of samurai. With out the samurai code, society would be endangered of attacks and betrayals.

This is a samurai who follows his code

My final custom is religion. Shinto/Buddhism are beliefs filled with many customs and traditions. Their religion Shinto was the only original Japanese religion. Buddhism came from china. Religion gave society beliefs and hope. Without religion society wouldn't have beliefs and have less hope because theirs no one to go to when in times of trouble.

This is Buddha. He is the Buddhist God.


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