Southern Region 5Q mississippi river!

The states in the southern region Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. The average highs are the high 50s but, in Oklahoma it's in the 40s. During the summer there are a lot of tornados in the southern region. The southern region has part of tornado valley. It is sticky and hot in the summer.

The climate in Winter is mild there are cool night's particularly near Gulf of Mexico. Snow falls further north. Oklahoma has the most snow .Louisiana and Mississippi have the most rain more 5 inches in january.

Summer: It's hot and sticky. Precipitation falls in the form of thunderstorms and heavy rainfall during the afternoons throughout the summer months. Oklahoma and the Texas part of Tornado Alley have more tornado activity in Spring.

The average precipitation is 54.16 inches, the extreme low temp is 53.6°F and the extreme high temp is 75.5°F.

The average temperature for one week. (above)

One week of weather in Mississippi city (below)

A historic hurricane (hurricane Alicia) hit Houston Texas in 1983. 21 people died and thousands were injured . There were wind gusts that went in between the ranges of 100 to 127 mph. Climatologists use temperature and precipitation records to define what a place is " normal ". They also keep track of this information by using climate graphs. the winter is mild and cold.


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