A Creative Church Todd Smith's account of the recent artistic revival of the American Church

Todd Smith describes many of the individuals and groups that had a major hand in the artistic revival that swept the churches of the nation. A few of these said groups were the Religious Education Association and the Federal Council of Churches. The Religious Education Association had members from many of the finest and most esteemed universities in our nation

Memorial church, Harvard

The REA went about influencing progression in the church by diligently studying many areas of Christian life and coming together to discuss possible directions in order to better glorify God and spread His Kingdom.

Some of the areas Mr. Smith elaborates on the impact of these institutions and countless influential individuals are in music, theatre, visual arts, and dance. His expansive knowledge of the history of these movements is incredible and an intriguing read. Our church is a much brighter and better place for the diligent work of these artistic christian pioneers.

Newsboys performing live

Contemporary christian worship music is one of the widest and largest areas of christian influence in the arts, but it is not near the only medium that christians are using to glorify God and spread His Word.

The only thing in this entire book I could ask of Mr. Smith is that he give a more full picture of where the church is at today with art because of the contributions of the individuals and institutions he recognizes. He did not spend too long explaining the history of the movement, but I would love to see his well informed description of what the christian world has been doing to keep building upon their solid foundation, or if he thinks we have faltered today and lost their direction.

Picture Source: http://www.crosswalk.com/culture/movies/gods-not-dead-movie-review.html

Just like this recently released christian movie, there is so much artwork that christians are producing and influencing. Mr. Smith made a very expansive list and did a wonderful job displaying the information he brought forward, I only wished he gave more information on pieces such as this, that I have seen have a huge impact for the Kingdom.


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