15 Years of NikeSB Dunk EST.2002

When you think of Dunk, your first thought is probably basketball. Which is understandable. However, by the end of this journey that you’re departing on right now, your first thought will have changed...

A staggering fifteen years have passed since the SB Dunk’s collided skate world with sneaker culture. We would like you to join the journey with us, by sharing with you this summary of episodes in the Dunk story that constellated this celebration.

Liberated on March 9th to fill skaters with nostalgia and happiness, we present to you ’15 Years of SB Dunk – Stories from Inside Out’. Please take the time to enjoy this documentary produced by our friends ViceSports about the anomaly that is, the SB Dunk, the shoe that redirected the Sneakers World forever.

As the excitement was building through teasers of the release, paired with product launches and media attention, the buzz was lit of fire with an exclusive event. Key influencers of the skate community (Club58) from two of the greatest skate cities (London & Paris) took off on an event to celebrate the past, present and future of the Nike SB Dunk.

The trip included robust activities, including Basketball clinics, Dunk Elite Weartests, with a calm finale of a private screening of the documentary, prior to launch.

Hoops Factory

Celebrations around the Nike SB Dunk actually started way back in HO16, with the 4 Dunk Box’s that launched across the Core Specialty doors and nike.com/sneakers.

Fiercely continuing the celebration, the Black Sheep Dunk was released and quickly ceased by consumers (1-day sell-out). Followed by the Shark Dunk which also didn’t received much hesitation (sell-out).

Joining the party most recently have been Reese & Ishod, followed by Malto and the Inline to add to the Nike SB Dunk Elite collection.

A high point of the celebration was the launch of Ishod Dunk which was released to us all on 2.2. As a favourite among the skate community and a great performer, it seemed the only option was to launch a shoe to represent the truly inspirational dude.

Driven across 24 retail doors, taking over windows such as Snowbeach and Zeropolis with the beautifully abrupt graphics.

Ishod Dunk is too good to keep to oneself, so the product was seeded to some key skate influencers, who praised the shoe for it’s quality and performance.

End result = Ishod smashed it out the park.

We will continue to celebrate the 15 year anniversary of Dunk through SU17. Keep an eye out for the next fresh Dunk's, especially the Oski Dunk, where again Club58 will be there to join the celebration of the launch.

You can find the previous chapters of BA and the London-Paris event via the links below.

We hope you enjoyed being part of the journey.


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