Norway barchetta meeting 2017 seen by paolo and salvatore

Looks like winter...but it is summer!

Actually four seasons in a day, as someone pointed out!

Looks like day...but it is night!
Looks like a lake...but it is sea!
Looks like a ferry... but it is a road!
Looks Like a road...but it is fun, fun, fun!
Looks like a convertible... but it is a lifestyle!
Looks like a country far far away...but it feels like home!!!

...and you can feel it stronger when you are travelling with such a bunch of barchetta friends!!!

It has been a real pleasure meeting all of you...

...and your beauties!!!

A special "takk" goes to Barchetta Club Norway and to the guys who made all this magic possible:

Jarle Nordås
Reidar Lerdal
Jörg Elswyk

See you next meeting!

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