Pål Gunnar Ellingsen Head engineer in data management, RA-B, UNIS

What is your specific role in the project, and which scientific question do you hope to answer at the end of the project?

I am working with data management and synthesis in the Nansen Legacy. The question I hope to be able to answer by the end of the project is how do we ensure that the data collected is available for use through the project and especially for future research?

If you had to choose another discipline within the Nansen Legacy, which one would you choose?

Optical system design.

The Arctic, what fascinates you the most?

Nature and all the interesting phenomena occurring there, from aurora, via glaciers and sea ice to the unique wildlife.

What is the first thing you think off when hearing the name, Fridtjof Nansen?

An accomplished explorer and researcher.

Which book/film/music has made the largest impression on you lately?

As a dancer, I have to say that swing jazz is a lot of fun.

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