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Introduction of Abuse

Artwork "In the Hands of the Beholder" -Ryleigh Delbiondo

Artwork "Religous Weapons" -Linnea Prudell

Documentary "Government Abuse" -Ayanna Walker


Abuse; not something that is prevented but as seen as an underlying source of pain seeking recovery. It’s seen under the shadows of most and is hard to distinguish or discern. Two thirds of Nigerian women experience abuse. In the novel Purple Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the topic of abuse is seen through the whole society located in the parts of Nigeria where the main character, Kambili grows up. Abusive families are all around her including her own. The man of the household abuses his wife and children if they disobey him, their schedules or duties. Looking at it from a religious perspective, in the novel, the father, Eugene, and his dad, Papa Nnukwu, never got along because Eugene thought he was a heathen. Governmental roles were shown in the novel when they blew up the father’s coworker for writing badly about them. Abuse happens throughout the world but is shown in many different forms such as family, religion, and government. Abuse in Nigeria is based on a traditional patriarchal structure or the male, being the head of the family, community, church, or order that defines gender. In Nigeria when you get married, a woman surrenders her husband along with asking permission to go places, and can get beaten from not having meals ready on time. Abuse in Nigeria is also not against the law. Looking at it from a religious standpoint, children are more vulnerable to abuse and neglect if they live in religious authoritarian cultures. Religion can sometimes play a significant role in harmony, but is often directed for political and other interests to the destruction of peace. There is ignorance of the true teaching of the religion that the people involved claim to be defending. Seeing it from a governmental standpoint, the government plays a large part in destructive, harmful abusive behaviors. The government is supposed to take care of the people, not harm them. In Nigeria, the government uses their power to their benefit, not for the benefit of the people of Nigeria. Nigeria is one of the world’s most corrupt countries. The government abuses their power everyday. For example, police officers, politicians, governors, and so many more government officials abuse the power they are given.

The purpose of this literary magazine is to evaluate and judge the abuse and its many forms that can be harmful, causing frightment and separation. This will be shown throughout different types of artwork, and a documentary. Throughout the artwork, readers will find how family abuse and religious abuse play a big role in large parts of Nigeria. The first art piece will show how men have power over their families and how domestic violence can affect the wives and children. The second art piece shows the battle between two of the largest religious groups of Christianity and Islam in Nigeria. The magazine also includes a documentary that shows governmental abuse of the people in Nigeria, the government takes advantage of their power by using it for bad instead of good.

"In the Hands of the Beholder" Ryleigh Delbiondo

The artwork, “Abuse is in the Hand of the Beholder”, represents a man’s physical abusive behavior towards a woman in Nigeria. Abuse can be shown in many ways throughout a family, religion, and government. This piece of art shows how family abuse is something that should be put to a stop.

First, I will start by explaining the hand. This hand is a Nigerian man’s hand made out of thicker wood. This shows how strong the man is because of the thick wood it is made out of. This hand, being thicker and larger than the woman, represents how much power Nigerian men have over their family. The colored skin shows how domestic violence in Nigeria is becoming a big issue.

Next, the woman is made out of a thinner piece of wood than the man. The girl or woman, is also a lot smaller in comparison to the man's hand showing weakness. This woman represents someone being passed out from so much abuse to her and her family. Her bloody lip represents where she got hit. Woman don't have a say in their abuse in Nigeria.

Over all, abuse can be shown throughout many different ways including family abuse. You can see that Nigerian men have the right to abuse their wives and kids. It is not right and should be put to a stop immediately. I learned throughout creating this piece, that the woman and family members need more help to stop the abusiveness of their spouses.

"Religous Weapons" Linnea Prudell

The artwork, “Religious Weapons” , represents the abuse and violence between the two biggest religious groups in Nigeria, which are Christianity and Islam. Abuse can be shown in many different aspects including family abuse, religious abuse, and governmental abuse. This piece of art shows that religion does not always have a positive outcome.

First, I'll start by explaining the religious symbols and the way they are used. The symbols are used as weapons in this scenario. This shows how religion can be used as a reason to fight, and a source for pain and suffering. The symbols of Christianity and Islam (being the cross and the moon and star) wrapped in barbed wire while being used as weapons to come at the other side. This shows the outbreak of violence reoccurring between these two religions in Nigeria.

Next, the people on each side holding the symbols represent where they come from. The Islamics and Christians are split as seen with their different types of clothing along with their skin color and head gear. This represents their differences in looks along with their beliefs, which is why so many outbreaks of inter-religious violence occur in Nigeria between Islam and Christianity.

Overall, abuse has many different sides and ways of occurring, not only in a family home, but abuse caused by religious factors as well. You can see that violence occurs often between religious groups and people need to be aware of that. Religion can cause more than joy and serenity, it can cause pain and suffering as well.

Government Abuse Documentary -Ayanna Walker

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